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5 Year Old Girls

Parents of Five year old Girls
Robert L. Jordan (“Mr. Robert” to the students)
  Vogler's Studio of Dance, Baton, and Gymnastics
  3800 Reynolda Road, Suite #30
Winston Salem, N.C. 27106-1710

We are located on the South end of Old Town Shopping Center beside Dollar General. The Shopping Center with Food Lion on Reynolda Road.

PHONE (336)922-3547, e-mail at MrRobert@voglerdancer.com

On the web at www.voglerdancer.com (be sure to look at recital pictures and parade pictures)

When I receive the $22 registration fee I will place your daughter's name on my rollbook for class. I will then prorate your first payment to synchronize your payments with the students already taking class. Tuition is $54 per month calculated on $13.50 per class. You may drop by to watch one of the beginner classes this week or see second year students this age dancing Tuesday at 4:00 PM or third year students Mondays at 6:00 PM. When you drop by to watch class I can't answer questions. To ask questions you must drop by at the end of the teaching day: Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 PM, Wednesday 8:00 PM, Thursday 8:15 PM, or Saturday at 1:00 PM. My goal in the beginner class is participation. If your daughter just participates in class she will get out of it whatever her maturity allows. Students this age pick up on a little bit more every week during the year. As second year students they KNOW how to take class and will follow along quickly with whatever I present them.

I have a program that students this age can progress in for years to come. I have a high school senior who danced in our June show who has danced with me for fifteen years. I also have DVD's you may take home to watch of my students on stage dancing: Ballet, Tap Dancing, Jazz Dancing, Ballet, Gymnastics . Just ask to borrow one. On this website homepage just click 'Recital Pictures' to see photos of girls this age on stage June 2017. Click 'videos' to see actual girls dancing in our 2017 performance at the Stevens Center in Winston Salem. On the title page I list the age of the girls performing. We are a Dancing School focused on children expressing music through dance. What happens in class is what is most important. The show is just a snapshot taken at the end of the year. (Unfortunately some YouTube dances have no music. YouTube would not allow me to play Beatles music.)

Starting August 26 four and five year old girls will dance:

  • Wednesday 5:30 PM or
  • Saturday at 10:30 AM
  • What happens in a five year old class?

    This 90 minute class consists of one hour dance and 30 minutes floor exercise gymnastics (tumbling).

    The beginner students learn a lot. We begin the year with simple songs and routines that they can easily master and then build on these each month until our Recital in June. Each dance class will have a ballet lesson and a tap dancing lesson. For novelty we will twirl batons and study creative expression.

    Five and Six year old girls enjoy dancing. They love learning new skills. They are excited by every new dance they can do. My class builds on this to create a class that does not forget that dance requires discipline but is also a fun filled hour to look forward to.

    The gymnastics portion of the class is tumbling skills that begin the year in a “taking turns” format that quickly evolves into a “game” format as their repertoire of skills increases. These include rolls, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, and arch skills. I use a simple progression that works. Every skill leads to the next. We begin with very basic skills and progress according to each girl’s physical abilities.


    Dance class monthly tuition is $54 per month based on $13.50 per class. There is a $22 registration fee.

    I guarantee your child will enjoy my classes or I will refund your registration fee and first month's tuition.

    Dance School tuition payments at the Studio are usually cash or check, but if you prefer you may pay at paypal.com to the account of voglerdancer@gmail.com. I also accept Google Wallet payments to the same email.

    Class Size

    My average class for this age group is eleven students. Sixteen students is the most I will enroll.

    Typical Class Lesson Plan

    • First 15 minute - Students arrive in ballet shoes and we immediately begin with dances and songs that the students have demonstrated that they enjoy doing. Later in the year I introduce barre exercise warm up and a center floor warm up

    • Next 10 minutes - New material of the Day. A new skill, a new song, a new dance, a new step, or new exercise; then CHANGE SHOES.

    • Next 10 minutes - Another warm up of old songs or exercises that re-energizes the class.

    • Next 10 minutes - New material or especially planned review of last week’s new material for those who were absent. I did tap first last week. GET BATONS.

    • Next 10 minutes - Review of baton twirls with individual students taking turns leading. Putting twirls to music, both dance and marching music. CHANGE SHOES, PUT UP BATONS, DRINK WATER AT WATER FOUNTAIN.

    • Next 25-30 minutes - Gymnastics skills on mats. We generally warm up with skills they choose from past lessons and I then lead into the New Material for the Day. Students in the age group practice one at a time initially but by the end of the year there are games and skill rotations around the classroom. DISMISS CLASS.


    You may watch any of your daughter's Dance classes as long as your behavior does not disrupt her class. I believe some students actually do better at the beginning of the year if they are not being watched. If you wait four to six weeks before observing class she will have something to show you when you sit in on Dance class.


    Beginning dance students wear a black leotard, white tights, white ballet shoes, black tap shoes, and they twirl a Starline brand baton. I do not require you buy dance wear from me but I can completely outfit a beginner for $90.00 including tax.


    The beginner classes will each perform two dances in our Fortieth annual Spring Recital June 3, 2018 at the Stevens Center in Winston Salem. I believe having a performance at the end of the year helps give meaning and value to the students’ experience. Performing motivates students to learn before the show and accelerates their desire to learn after the show. We usually order costumes in January. Beginners need only one costume. Last year they cost $46.50 plus tax. Recital is a large part of the Dance Studio experience. The memories made then are carried for years.


    The Vogler Studio Parade Corps has been twirling in Christmas parades since 1978. In 2016 we twirled batons and danced to music in parades in Winston-Salem and Lewisville. This year plan to watch but I would expect you to perform with us next year. On the home page click 'parades' to see a video from 2016, Click 'parade pictures' to see photos taken during the 2016 season.


    Hello, my name is Robert Jordan and I teach all the classes at Vogler’s Studio in Winston Salem. My wife of 43 years, Kathy Vogler Jordan, is my only substitute teacher. We have three children: Richard, 35 years old, Cherie, 31 years old, and Lana Loraine, 22 years old. All three have been involved at the Dance Studio all their lives.

    My wife and I founded Vogler's Studio in 1978 in Welcome, N.C. Since then I've devoted myself full time to teaching young children to dance. I believe my best reference now is my students. I invite you to talk to parents of my current students, come by to watch a class, or borrow a DVD of one of our performances. Also plan to bring your daughter to our show Sunday, June 11, at 3:00 PM. Vouchers will be available in May.

    I am certified to teach the Performing Arts by Dance Educators of America (ballet, tap and jazz), to teach ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics by Dance Masters of America, and I am also a certified United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs Coach. I have a BA degree from the school of Education at N.C. State University. I am constantly training with other dance teachers to refine my teaching and keep up with new teaching methods. I opened Vogler’s Studio in Oldtown in 1983.

    I teach all my classes myself. I do not hire anyone to teach any class for me. If you come to Vogler’s Studio either I will teach your class or my wife Kathy Vogler Jordan will. I believe this is important. I have found that once I have established a rapport with a student after teaching them one subject or one year it is very easy to teach them another subject or the next year. I enjoy seeing my students progress over the years.

    Why begin at 5 or 6?

    Students this age are wonderful to teach. They are young enough to enjoy my “silly songs” but old enough to remember them and master the skills that I intend for them to learn. I always follow a standard skill progression. The student must learn ‘a’ before ‘b’ before ‘c’. Lessons that the three and four year olds might spend months on skills these girls accomplish in one evening. For the same reasons this is the best age for teaching a child to read, it is also the best age to teach a child to dance. Five and Six year olds are ready to learn.


    My classroom has been specially designed for dancing. I have built a floating floor riding on 2000 foam blocks. This “Spring” floor will help protect against injury but its main purpose is to make dance more fun.

    I have 1,484 square feet of gymnastics mats in my classroom. This enables each student to participate safely and progress without having to wait for an empty mat.

    Copyright 2000-2006 Vogler Dance Studios
    All rights reserved

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