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All students at Vogler Dance Studios study ballet in their weekly dance class from three year old students to seventeen year old students. Ballet is the language of dance. All theatrical dance is either built on or derived from ballet. In the ballet portion of dance class the student learns the basics of dance. Here is where we study posture, balance, jumps, turns, extension, and expression. These are elements that will be used in all the other classes such as baton twirling, gymnastics, jazz and tap dancing.

Students who enjoy ballet and wish to learn more including pointe come to a second class meeting during the week I call EXTRA BALLET. This class is fun to teach because the students have mastered their basics and are motivated to go on to more intense demanding training that regular students do not have the discipline for. Pointe class (toe dancing) requires practice and diligence but the reward is a beautiful performance. EXTRA BALLET students sometimes transfer to the NC School of the Arts and pursue full-time training. Dancers who began with Vogler Dance Studios when they were three year old girls now perform on stage as adults.

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