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Baton Twirling

All students at Vogler Dance Studios study baton twirling. Just as in their very first class you might expect a beginner to learn a plie in ballet, a shuffle in tap, and a forward roll in gymnastics, the students at Vogler Dance Studios learn a figure 8 twirl which is called "pocket to pocket" in the beginner class.

Baton twirling is an art form in its own right but for those who say "I'm not interested in baton twirling for my child" please note: At the very beginning of the year when the dance portion of class is moving to music, baton twirling provides a break where the student stands still momentarily and works a skill. Children love learning new skills and a refrain I often hear from parents is "She shows me her baton twirls but she never shows me dances". This is usually because dances require special music and usually a group to perform them while once the baton is in the hand it can twirl. Through the years baton is utilized as a novelty break from dance technique. The students actually look upon baton twirling as a reward for doing a good dancing class.


Students wishing to learn more baton twirling come to a second class meeting during the week. These students work on two baton twirling, rolls, and lots of toss and flip combinations that require a lot of practice, some of it outdoors. Many of the EXTRA BATON students go on to compete in contests, twirl with local high school bands, and college and university bands. We currently have three high school majorettes and one university majorette.

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