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All beginner students at Vogler Dance Studios study gymnastics in a 30 minute special segment after their dancing class. As they get older the gymnastics segment stretches to 45 minutes and then to a one hour class after dance. An EXTRA GYMNASTICS class is also available for those wishing to practice twice a week. I have students every week learning back handsprings. We had two side aerials in our Spring Show. I had a student just this past Saturday perform a front aerial in class. Every week I see wonderful feats of balance, strength, and flexibility as we conduct class. Some students take their skills to competitive University cheer leading teams. The studio itself won a National Championship at Showstopper Talent Competitions in Exhibition Gymnastics. But most students just enjoy learning and mastering new skills.

All gymnastics at Vogler Studios is limited to tumbling/floor exercise skills. Why?

      1. from a safety standpoint. The hazards and injuries in gymnastics come from falling. If the student is working on mats the farthest distance she can fall is determined by how high she can jump. If an instructor has placed a child up on a high balance beam or uneven bar the possibility for injury increases dramatically. I picked my five year old daughter (now 14) up from school one day and she told me how she had been walking across a high balance beam. I personally felt that nothing was gained by subjecting my child to such unnecessary risks and I do not want your child at risk or injured. I want her to progress and learn new stunts and skills as safely as possible.

      2. from a time standpoint. Class time for learning new skills is severely limited. Each class must have a warm up time, a time for review of basics (if this is skipped even the best students will lose skills they have worked years to master), and then something new. In my class that something new is a progression of tumbling skills building on what they have done before, with the a clear-cut future goal in mind. Every simple gymnastics skill builds onto the next. Most parents will not pay but for so much class time. If I spent that time going from balance beam to vault to uneven bars the students I feel would be literally playing on the equipment rather than progressing. There are successful gymnastics programs utilizing all pieces of equipment and they require sometimes up to five days a week of commitment. If I only have one hour per week I want to work on the mats.

      3. from a transfer standpoint. Floor exercise skills transfer to cheer leading groups and dance routines. They can also be practiced outdoors on lawns or even indoors at home with the purchase of a practice mats.

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