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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Dance class monthly tuition is $54 per month based on $13.50 per class. There is no registration fee. Dance School tuition payments at the Studio are usually cash or check, but if you prefer you may pay at paypal.com to the account of voglerdancer@gmail.com with your credit card or checking account. Just click 'send money'. I also accept Google Wallet payments to the same email address. You can mail checks to Vogler Dance, 3800 Reynolda Road, suite #30, Winston Salem, NC 27106

I guarantee your child will enjoy my classes or I will refund your registration fee and first month's tuition.

What does my child need?

Beginner dance students are required to wear a black leotard, white tights, white ballet shoes, black tap shoes, and they twirl a Starline brand baton. I do not require you purchase anything from me but if you wish I can completely outfit a beginner dancer for $90.00 including tax.

How much do costumes cost?

Last year I ordered each beginner Dance student just one costume for $47.00 plus tax. Though the beginners performed two routines each costume was adaptable for the two dances. For example, my Saturday class tapped wearing a cowgirl hat, boots, and vest, but took all that off and put on a tutu for their ballet routine.

Can parents stay during class?

Yes, but I do reserve the right to limit parents in the classroom to two adults per class meeting. I like for parents to watch class but you just have to take turns. Also, I think it is better to wait four to six weeks before watching class so that your daughter will have something to show you. It is difficult to transfer authority to the teacher in those first few classes if the parent is present, but I am flexible enough to realize that a new student who is insecure can benefit from having her parent present and I will allow that.

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