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Vogler Dance Studios / Mr. Robert

Newsletter Topic
Student Survey to be returned so I can create schedule by March 23March 2018

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Handed out March one 2018
If you did not receive an email copy of this survey it means I do not have a working email address for you. Please send an email to MrRobert@voglerdancer.com and I will add you to my addressbook.
Vogler Dance Studios
Class Preference Survey

I am already receiving calls and emails from beginners who want to register for next year beginning August 2018. Before I create a schedule I wanted to ask you the best day and time for your class next year. I do use this information.

“How do I create a schedule?”

I first level all my current students by age and ability. Then I compare the bad days and good days and best times to find the most convenient hour for that group. Then I compare groups to see who gets the most popular days and times. My goal is to have each class as uniform as possible according to age, experience, and ability.
I have been having difficulty recruiting for 4:00 PM classes. I am considering beginning my teaching day at 4:30 PM. Please be sure and note your EARLIEST time.

RETURN AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE in order for your results to be included.

What is your favorite day for class?
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
What day can you NOT come to class?
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
What is the earliest time we could begin your class?_____
I traditionally offer eight free summer classes. Would you prefer:
Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday

It’s time to update my records

Name______________________Date of Birth_____
City and Zip________________________________
Current e-mail address_________________________
emergency phone number (including whom I am calling)

Dates to Remember

Performance: Sunday, June 3, 3:00 PM. Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June 2, 9:00 AM to 12 Noon. Tickets go on sale at the Studio Friday, May 4, at 9:00 AM. All seats are reserved. Tickets will be Ten dollars at 9:00 AM on Friday, May 4, ELEVEN DOLLARS after that date but TWELVE dollars AT THE DOOR on June 3. There is no limit on the number of tickets you may purchase.
questions? call “Mr. Robert” at 922-3547 or e-mail MrRobert@voglerdancer.com.

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