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Vogler Dance Studios / Mr. Robert

Newsletter Topic
Christmas Parade informationNovember 2017

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2017parade hand out

Very Important

An adult must be at the end of the Parade Route to pick up your child when she finishes performing. Most girls enjoy going back to watch the rest of the Parade as a Spectator.

Dress for

If it is cold you may wear anything white underneath your costume such as white turtlenecks, white sweaters, white gloves, white hats, etc. All students wear solid white tennis shoes. You may wear extra layers under your tights as long as the outer layer is white for 6:00 PM Monday, 4:00 PM Tuesday, 4:00 PM Wednesday, and Saturday students. 5:30 PM Tuesday and 4:00 PM Monday students will wear Shiny Toasty tights($13 child, $15.00 adult) with white crew socks. 4:00 PM Monday need TWO batons.
While waiting for the Parade to begin the students may wear bulky coats and hats to keep warm. We will take them off and put them in the Studio Van as soon as we start marching. Be sure and put your name on your coat.
For all parades traffic will become very congested as the time to begin draws near. Police will literally stop traffic an hour to 30 minutes before the parade begins. PARADES will usually go on unless the weather is extremely bad. In 30 years the only parade I didn’t line up for was 30 degrees and intense sleet had been falling for days.

Light batons

The Winston Parade begins at dusk and the lights downtown and the lights on the floats make it look very festive. So, students are also invited to twirl batons with glowing light sticks. These are an optional piece of equipment. The batons have ferrules that hold six inch glow sticks. Light batons cost $20.50 (tax included) with one set of lights included. If you have a light baton from last year you may purchase one set of lights for $6.00. Lights are for Winston only.
There are probably two thousand used light batons in the area because we have been using them annually since 1979.

Parent Helpers Wanted

I would like two adult chaperones in white to follow behind the performers to help with things like untied shoes, earmuffs that have fallen off, light ends that need tightening, etc.
I would like two authoritarian adults in white to walk along the edge of the road in front of the group to help move back the crowd so that the twirlers can follow their line and have space. If the line leader has to walk around a spectator picking up candy or photographer it can upset all the girls behind her as they start to look like a snake.
I would like Six adults in white to carry the three Parade Banners. Banner carriers should be prepared to skip along quickly in order to keep up with the students.
You may volunteer for just one parade or all. All parent helpers must wear all white clothing Last year I never had more than THREE helpers at a parade.
I would also like a volunteer to archive our performance with MY video camera. Not necessary to wear white.
To receive an email copy of the Studio newsletters send your email address to MrRobert@voglerdancer.com
In Winston Salem the temperature will drop when the sun sets. Please have your daughter appropriately dressed. I don’t want anyone cold.

Winston Salem Christmas, Saturday, December 2
(2016 took 21 minutes)

I will line up the students at 4:30 PM to perform at 5:00 PM. We should assemble somewhere on Fourth Street between Broad St. and Poplar St. Look for all the red costumes. Directions from the Studio: turn right on Reynolda road. After 6.2 miles turn left on West Fourth Street. The parade route will go from Fourth Street at Poplar toward downtown. The parade will turn right on Liberty and head down toward Corpening Plaza. The parade route ends at First Street.

Rural Hall Christmas/ Sunday, December 3,
(2015 took 33 minutes)

I will line up the students at 2:00 PM to perform at 2:30 PM. Parade begins at the intersection of Broad Street and Wall street. I don’t know until the day before the parade where they will assemble us. You will just have to look for all the red costumes. As soon as I know our number I will post it in red on the homepage of voglerdancer.com. Directions from the Studio: turn right on Reynolda road for .7 miles, left on Bethabara Park Blvd. for 2.2 miles, Left on University Parkway for 4.5 miles. ( name of University Parkway in Rural Hall is Broad St.). Parade route travels north on Broad St. to Rural Hall Elementary School.

Lewisville Christmas/ Sunday, December 10
(2016 took 20 minutes)

I will line up the students at 2:30 PM to perform at 3:00 PM. We will assemble at the Lewisville United Methodist Church. Directions: Turn Right on Reynolda Road for .8 miles, right on Yadkinville Road for 5.0 miles, left on Lewisville-Vienna Rd for 3.1 miles. When you approach the stop sign at Shallowford Rd. the church will be immediately in front of you. Parade will travel North on Shallowford Road until the Food lion shopping center. We will pull off there.
It is recommended that spectators park at the Lewisville Elementary School.

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