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Vogler Dance Studios / Mr. Robert

Newsletter Topic
Order Christmas Parade Costume now.September 2017

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handed out on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 Vogler’s Studio Parade Newsletter

If you have questions call 922-3547 or e-mail at MrRobert@voglerdancer.com

This year as part of your regular class lesson plan your daughter will be learning a Parade routine to perform in Christmas Parades coming in December. She will perform the beginner baton routine as she struts and marches down the street. Older more experienced students will be performing other routines at the same time. I play music on a mobile PA carried on the following van.
Parades are a unique performing opportunity in that the entire student body performs together, not just her one class. Being outside and part of a big festive event is also fun and memorable. But it will take preparation in class and a parade costume.


Child size Costumes are $53.00 including tax. This is the same costume we have used for twenty years. I would like to have all orders by 7:30 PM, Tuesday, October 3. I am ordering out of a 1999 catalog so we must allow the company time to manufacture the costume. Complete payment is required when ordering. Adult sizes are $58.50 including tax. I will measure in class.
I started using using this red costume in 1996. There are a thousand used ones in the community. You may wear one of those if you can find one.
These costumes are manufactured by the same company that made your Recital Costumes. The sizes run similar. If you are between sizes we generally go up a size because when it is cold we wear white sweaters or turtlenecks underneath our costumes.


Be prepared: All accessories must be white. White shoes are required. If it is cold and you feel it is necessary any hats, gloves, turtlenecks must also be white. There are parade pictures and even a parade video from last year at www.voglerdancer.com.
Wednesday, Monday 6 PM, Tuesday 4 PM, and Saturday students wear white tights. Tuesday 5:30 PM and Monday 4:00 PM students wear Shiny toasty tights with white crew socks. Monday 4:00 PM students will also need TWO batons.


Parents of young children often ask. ”Can my little one actually March and Perform an an entire parade?”. The answer is yes. Parades are usually about one mile in length. The performance time from beginning to end lasts about 20 minutes.(winston 21 minutes(2016) and Lewisville 26 minutes(2015), Rural Hall 36 minutes(2014)

Schedule: Order a costume even if all you can attend is one parade.

The Winston Salem Christmas parade is traditionally the first Saturday in December at 5:00 PM.
The Rural Hall Christmas parade is the first Sunday in December at 2:30 PM.
The Lewisville Christmas Parade is traditionally the second Sunday in December at 3:00 PM.

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