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Video of The 2017 Danseuses and the Dancing Girls

The median age of the Danseuses class is ten years eight months, The median age of the Dancing Girls is seven years zero months.

Use the PLAYLIST button to select which dance you wish to watch. The Danseuses open with a ballet routine, then jazz dancing, then tap dancing, then a baton twirling routine, followed by a gymnastics routine. Then the Dancing Girls present a baton twirling routine, a ballet routine, a tap routine, and then a gymnastics routine. YouTube won't allow me to play Beatles music.

My youngest Dancing School students dance in 2017

Video of Eight dances from the Terpsichorean class in 2017

2017 Ballerinas Class and the Premiere Dancers

2017 Video from Recital June 2017 for the Balletomanes, Senior Solo, and Trophies

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